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We are Joining Greater ERCLA


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Still One Lake and Three Rivers

How Our Lake Got Its Name


While our coverage area is large, it is representative of how we attained the name of our lake; Watersmeet. The Watersmeet Lake sits at the end of the lower Eagle River Chain and actually ends where the Wisconsin River takes over the flowage on its way to the mightysunset photo Mississippi at the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, the lake also takes in water from the Eagle River that comes in from the east, Rice Creek that comes in from the northwest and Mud Creek adding to our water level from the south. If that is not enough, not only does our lake empty into the Wisconsin River at the Otter Rapids Dam, but this same body of water also feeds the lake at the north end bringing in the headwaters that originate at Lac View Desert from the north.


To go along with this large land area of coverage, our membership area spans more than 400 properties and we are very fortunate that each one that has joined up cares very deeply about the water body, whether it is technically a river or the lake.